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Known across the globe as the adrenaline capital of the world, Queenstown has become the go to destination for adventure seekers of all types. From bungy jumping and sky diving to bustling cafes, award winning wineries and of course an extensive network of world-class mountain bike trails, Queenstown has something for everyone.

As the town has grown from a sleepy village in the Southern Alps to a metropolis of adventure activities so has its renown as one of the world’s top mountain biking destinations. In fact, as voted by users of TrailForks in 2023, Queenstown is home to 2 of the top 10 best mountain bike trails in the world. With a vibrant and active local mountain biking community and with huge support from organisations including the local council, Queenstown Trails Trust and of course the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club, the network of trails continues to expand, making Queenstown a mecca for the mountain bike and cycling enthusiast.

The Rise of Ebikes in Queenstown

As the Queenstown trail network has grown and expanded so too have riders desires to venture further and faster than ever before. Enter the ebike!

As all good technology does, ebikes and their capabilities have advanced at a rate of knots. Now an incredibly competitive market, modern ebike manufactures have had to keep up with demand and build ebikes capable of conquering any and all challenges they’re presented with. From long, undulating cross-country routes and laid back wine tours, to technical and fast downhill descents, today’s ebikes are built to last and not only provide a little pedal power assistance, but enable you to explore anywhere and everywhere your heart desires.

Not shy of adopting new ways of exploring the outdoors, Queenstown has been quick to realise the potential for adventure that today’s ebikes bring and its ebike scene is booming!

Exploring Queenstown by Ebike

With so many trails to explore in Queenstown and the surrounding area it’s hard to know where to start on your Queenstown ebike tour. With everything from scenic lakeside day rides like the Lake Dunstan Trail to ebike wine tours and multi-day adventures there’s more to explore around every corner.

To help you decide where to start your Queenstown ebike experience we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourites.

Queenstown’s top local ebike experiences:

For a laid back adventure:

  • Ride from Queenstown to Arrowtown by ebike – this scenic route follows the Queenstown Countryside Trail and gently winds its way through some of Queenstowns most iconic scenery.
  • Enjoy a Gibbtston Valley ebike wine tour – If you’re looking for the perfect laid back afternoon activity with friends this is it! Spoilt for choice with world-class wineries you’ll be able to make your way down Gibbston Valley exclusively on purpose built trails and enjoy some award winning drops along the way.
  • Cycle the Frankton track and around Kelvin Heights peninsula from Queenstown – we’d recommend a stop at Altitude Brewery if you’re looking for the coolest spot in town to enjoy the local craft beer scene.

For those looking for something more extreme:

  • Check out Skyline Queenstown Bike Park – no need to worry about a lift pass if you’re on an ebike either. Take the access road to the top to enjoy the trails for free.
  • Conquer Coronet Peak – unofficially split into two sections, the top half of the mountain can be accessed by chairlift (or ebike if you want a pedal), while the bottom half can be accessed by up-track pedal access or shuttle.
  • Take a trip to Wilsons Bay to enjoy epic views at 7-mile bike park. An exceptionally well-maintained area by the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club with trails for every level of rider to enjoy. From techy single track and rock rolls to fast and flowy jump tracks you’re guaranteed a good time.
  • Explore the Coronet Loop. This trail is suitable for riders of all levels. Starting and finishing in Arrowtown this 50km trail takes you right round Coronet Peak itself and provides incredible views of Queenstown’s iconic scenery. With a couple of pretty reasonable climbs though you’ll be glad to have the battery assistance of your ebike.  
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The best places in the wider area to explore by ebike:

For a laid back adventure:

  • Explore the Lake Dunstan Trail – not only one of the most scenic rides anywhere in Otago the trail itself is a marvel of modern trail building with boardwalk style sections allowing you to ride alongside some hugely impressive cliff faces.
  • Enjoy the Otago Rail Trail by ebike – Iconic Central Otago riding.

For those looking for something more extreme:

  • Head over the hill to Wanaka for an epic day at Bike Glendhu – you do have to pay to access the park but on a good day it’s worth every penny. With a sizable by in to the top of the park Glendhu is best by ebike. The extra pedal power will help you make even more of your money on park admission.

Ebike Hire in Queenstown

Convinced yet? If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast and you haven’t been to Queenstown yet it’s about time you started planning! With trails to suit every style of rider from downhill shredder to ebike wine tourer there’s something for everyone and here at Whizzy we’re here to help. With the most affordable ebike hire in Queenstown and convenient pick-up and drop-off shuttle service we take the admin out of your Queenstown ebike adventure. 

Brining your own bikes? No problem either, we also provide transport options. Just give us a call or get in touch and we’ll help arrange it all so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!